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HIGHLY recommend this product!!

Brand new to the concept of home kombucha brewing. This SCOBY turned out a FLAWLESS first batch! A beautiful baby grew and the kombucha is beyond delicious. We're currently on Day 3 in F2 bottles. Gave it a little taste this morning and sure enough, there's ample fizz. I refrigerated that bottle and am letting the other 3 hang out at room temp for another day. I've got my second batch fermenting now and plan to continuous-brew as long as healthy SCOBYs keep growing. Doubt I'd have gotten off to a successful start without this SCOBY. Could not be happier with this product!


I think I need a second one!

Incredibly easy to make. It's worth the wait. I'm thinking of buying a second kit so I can have fresh kombucha at the ready in the fridge. This kit is really wonderful in that it comes complete and the price is very reasonable. As for the kombucha, I have started each morning with 8 ounces. It really does give me more energy than I usually have. Thank you for offering this great product!

A. morris

Great product!

This was my first experience brewing kombucha and the scoby was amazing! After 7 days I had a powerful first brew and grew a healthy baby scoby! Thanks!


This was a great kit to start making kombucha

This was a great kit to start making kombucha, we've been using this for a few months now and we've even upgraded from the gallon jug that comes with it to a 3 gallon jug. I'd highly recommend this kit for someone looking to get into it.

Robert J. Brown